Centrepreneur - Centre for Entrepreneurship

One of the largest Faculty centres is the Centre for Entreperneurship – Centerpreneur. The mission of the Centre is to create positive social change by encouraging and supporting the design and implementation of business ventures of current, former and future students of the Faculty of Philosophy. The Center is aimed at empowering students of the Faculty of Philosophy to design and implement their own business ventures. In that way, the Centre also contributes to building the image of the Faculty of Philosophy as an institution that cares about the future of its students and alumni.

The entrepreneurial activities at the Faculty include:

1. scientific research - gathering of researchers from the Faculty and conducting research with the aim of examining the contribution of various factors (psychological, socio-economic, etc.) in the success of entrepreneurial endeavors.

2. education - the course "Entrepreneurial Skills" within the Bachelor’s Degree programme of Psychology. Further plans in this direction of activity are to improve the existing course and include it in the offer in other study programs as well. The students who attend the programme are also involved in the activities of the Cenre for Entrepreneurship.

3. consulting - a mentoring programme for all students and alumni of the Faculty of Philosophy in starting their own business ventures. The mentoring program consists of the following units: 1) psychological empowerment - development of entrepreneurial competencies; 2) generation and evaluation of business opportunities, 3) building a start-up team, sources of funding and preparation for starting a business venture; 4) growth and development of entrepreneurial ventures.

All the activities of the Centrepreneur are free of charge for students.

E-mail: preduzentištvo@ff.uns.ac.rs

The members of the programme council of the Centre:

1. Prof. Dr Boris Popov - coordinator

2. Prof. Dr Jelena Kleut

3. Dr Stefan Ninković

4. Dragana Jelić

5. Vladan Vidicki

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