Frequently asked questions

Do I need a student ID?
If you are on exchange at the Faculty of Philosophy, you have to have a student ID in order to officially become our student. All incoming students need to register and obtain the student ID disregarding the level of study or the duration of their stay. Once you get your student ID you can use the Faculty library and get the certificate of attendance and transcript of records upon your departure.

How can I use the library?
Once you become a student of the Faculty of Philosophy (get your student ID) you are allowed to have access to the library.

For becoming the member of the Faculty library, you will need:
- application form (download the form)
- student ID
- passport

IMPORTANT: All incoming students are obliged to return all the books they took from the library at the end of their mobility. Only after the student returns the book(s), he/she can get a certificate of attendance and/or the transcript of records.

Once you ask for your transcript of records at the desk no. 1 at the Student Affairs Office, you would also be asked to present the proof that your returned all the books to the library. The proof will be issued to you in the central library, room P10, ground floor. 

In case you did not take any of the books, you should also visit the central library (room P10), so that they can issue the appropriate proof.

How to register for taking the examination at the Faculty?
-  Buy the examination application form (Serbian: prijava za polaganje ispita available at the Faculty Book Shop).
-  Fill in the application in the following way.
-  Hand in the form at the desk no. 1 on the ground floor.
-  Do not forget to take your student ID with you at the day of the exam.

How can I get a certificate of attendance and transcript of records?
When your exchange period at Faculty of Philosophy is getting to an end, you should visit the Students Affairs Office, desk no. 1 (ground floor of the Faculty), student affairs officer: Ms Mirjana Ćeran. There you should ask for the certificate of attendance or transcript of records (Serbian: UVERENJE). Before you do that, you need to get a proof from the Library that you have returned all the books. Please bring the proof from the Library, your Learning Agreement and student ID with you to the desk no. 1.

Once you request for the Transcript of Records, you will receive an email with the link to the evaluation questionnaire. Filling in the questionnaire is a pre-condition to get the Transcript. After you submit it online, you will be issued the Transcript. It can be issued in English, on your request.

Which courses can I take?
As far as we are concerned, you can take any of the courses listed here disregarding the level or department, just please make sure that the course is taught in the semester of your mobility. Also, make sure your home university agrees with your selection of the courses.

How to choose the courses?
You should choose the courses during the first week of your stay. Please contact the academic coordinators who can provide you with help and academic guidance. Make sure to know what department the course is taught on and who the teacher is. Once you agree with the academic coordinator, you can contact the teacher of the course and start attending the classes.

I would like to take the Serbian language course, who should I contact?
Please contact the Centre for Serbian as a Foreign Language for all the information.

Can I take some other language courses?
Please contact the Centre for Languages for all the information.

When does the semester start? When are the holidays?
Please see the academic calendar. There will be a Welcome Day organised for you at the beginning of the semester. You will be invited by an email and kindly asked to confirm your attendance.

Can I be accommodated in the student dorm?
This depends on the programme of your mobility. The state-funded dorms in Serbia are under the management of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and not the University itself. Since there are not enough places available for all international students, only the students and staff who are holders of the CEEPUS scholarship and the Ministry scholarships can use the accommodation in the Sajmište student dormitory. All other students have to manage their own accommodation.

How can I find the accommodation?
The students who did not get accommodated in the dormitory and need assistance with finding the accommodation should contact the ESN Novi Sad on FB.

Can I eat at the student restaurant?
Yes, there are several steps you should take in order to make a student restaurant card. You should visit the offices of the Student Centre (manages the student restaurants as well) in the campus. There you should fill in a form which you should stamp here at the Student Affairs Officer (desk number 1, Ms Mirjana Ćeran), and then you need to take it back together with the money for the registration. You can then add the amount of money for meals on your card. For all of this you need to be registered at the Student Affairs Office and have your student ID booklet (in Serbian: indeks).

INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS IN THE STUDENT DORM SAJMIŠTE (CEEPUS PRIMARILY): Please note that you can ask for the restaurant card and the token coin directly in the student dorm.

Further information on the student restaurants is available at their website.

Is there a WiFi I could use?
Yes. If you already use the EDUROAM network at your home university, you can use the same here. If you do not have this account, you can make one at our University. Here you can find the instruction how to do that.

Is there any other WiFi I could use?
Unfortunately, no. All other networks that you may see as active have another purpose, and are closed for public.

How can I get the monthly bus ticket?
Please visit the website of the bus service JGSP. Since the website is in Serbian, ask a friend or a buddy to help. The documents required for the monthly ticket are: the form stamped by the Student Affairs Officer (desk number 1, Ms Mirjana Ćeran), student ID booklet (srb. indeks), photo (30x25mm) and the money.

Are there any events at the FF I could attend?
Yes. Please join the FB groups ESN Novi Sad, Filozofski fakultet Novi Sad, Buddy network and be updated at the website of the Faculty in the section Vesti (News) and Najave (Announcements).

For further information and questions, please contact the International Office at the Faculty of Philosophy by email




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