Continuing your Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy (transfer)

The applicants who are interested in continuing their studies at the Faculty of Philosophy (transferring) may submit documentation for the evaluation of their study programme to Students Affairs Office from 1 through 15 September current year, on weekdays from 10:30 to 13:00.

Required documentation:
1. Transcript of Records (original)
2. Student status certificate (original)
3. Study programme, i.e. the curriculum with the syllabi (certified by the faculty from which the candidate transfers)
4. Written request for transfer to the Faculty of Philosophy
5. Proof of payment for the request and evaluation of the curriculum, amount: RSD 3,000.00, bank account 840-1712666-26, no reference, purpose of payment: curriculum evaluation (vrednovanje nastavnog plana i programa).

The transfer to the Faculty of Philosophy is done according to the Rulebook on enrollment of candidates to the study programs organised by the Faculty of Philosophy and the Statute of the Faculty of Philosophy.

The departmental committee evaluates the submitted curriculum. The Dean issues an enrollment decision based on the eligibility of the applicant. The decision lists the exams and other study obligations that are recognised, the obligations in the continuation of studies and the acquired student status.

If enrollment is approved, the enrollment period is no earlier than 1 October current year.

If the evaluation shows that the application has not been approved, i.e. that the study programme is inappropriate or that the Faculty is unable to receive the applicant because the maximum has been reached concerning the number of students for a certain year of studies, in accordance with the work permit, the applicant is not eligible for refund of the evaluation costs.



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