Publishing Council

The Faculty undertakes publishing activities in accordance with the law and special general acts.
The publishing activities at the Faculty are entrusted to the Publishing Council.
The President of the Publishing Council is the Dean by function, and the other members are elected by the Faculty's Teaching and Scholarly Council.
The Faculty adopts a general act on textbooks.
The Faculty's publishing activities are regulated by the Rulebook on Publishing.

The members of the Publishing Council of the Faculty of Philosophy are:

Prof. Dr. Ivana Živančević Sekeruš, Member by Function,
Prof. Dr. Olivera Knezevic-Florić, 
Prof. Dr. Ivana Đurić-Paunović,
Dr. Goran Vasin,
Dr. Una Popovic,
Prof. Dr. Laura Spariosu,
Prof. Dr. Marko Škorić.


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