Student Alliance

The Student Alliance of the Faculty of Philosophy is the oldest and largest student organisation of the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, supporting students for 22 long years.
Throughout its existence, the Alliance has organised many activities, seminars, panels and literary meetings, parties for different occasions and with different contents, ranging from the reception of freshmen to humanitarian events.
For many years, the Student Alliance , in cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy, has been taking students to various gatherings of the faculties of philosophy in the region, where students have the opportunity to make friends, share experiences and literature, and participate in the rich competitive programme - football, basketball, volleyball, chess, table tennis, debate, and knowledge quiz. Furthermore, the Student Alliance and the Faculty of Philosophy have been organising a visit to the Belgrade Book Fair for years.
Our sports sections within the Alliance are also active every year. Of course, the work of the sections would not have been possible without the great help of the Faculty of Philosophy. Thanks to the cooperation with the Faculty, we have participated in the University League in recent years. This year we are hoping to enter the University Cup. In addition to sports, our drama and rhetorical clubs are also active. If you want to join one of the clubs, you visit us for more information in Office 12 (ground floor).

This year's activities of the Student Alliance of the Faculty of Philosophy:

Two humanitarian acts of voluntary blood donation;
A visit to for the gathering of students of the faculties of philosophy in the region, the traditional Philosophics;
A humanitarian act of collecting flood relief aid;
Assistance with application and enrolment of new students;
The traditional activity "My lucky pen";
Assistance on freshmen welcome day;
A visit to the Belgrade Book Fair;
Organising sports, drama and rhetorical clubs;
The humanitarian act "A candy for a smile".

In addition to all our activities, we do not forget our primary goal - cooperation with the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Philosophy in solving problems in all aspects of student life and student organisation.

The seat of the organisation is at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad
Address: Dr Zorana Đinđića 2, Office. P12 (ground floor)
Phone: +381 (0) 21  48 53 991
Facebook: Student Alliance of the Faculty of Philosophy


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