Students' Union

The Students' Union of the Faculty of Philosophy (SUFF) in Novi Sad is a student organisation with the goal of representing students' rights and improving the standard of student life. This organisation also supports art in every form and organizes various events, gatherings and trips.

The Students' Union is an independent and nonprofit organisation, founded in 2000, and focused on students and their problems from the very beginning. It seeks to establish international connections. which has been the guiding idea for organising conferences with participants from regional and European countries, and for its members to participate in international student gatherings.

The Union also nurtures the conviction that students should not only study, but also have an awareness of, and deal with, social context and social problems. In a society where prejudice and discrimination continue to dominate, the Union is committed to a free, open and democratic society, to the rights and freedoms of the individual.
The SUFF is a member of the Students' Union of Serbia and the European Students' Union.

Facebook: Studentska unija Filozofskog fakulteta


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