Centre for Sociological Research

The Centre for Sociological Research is a scientific research unit of the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy of Novi Sad, whose activities include:

1. Conducting empirical and other scientific research in sociology and related social sciences.
2. Applying and advancing methodological and statistical techniques in the field of sociological
3. Providing training to students for independent research (in particular: final year students of bachelor academic studies, as well as the postgraduate students of sociology (MA and PhD).

4. Providing training in  in sociology, methodology and statistics and for the needs of the general scientific and professional public.

6. Establishing and maintaining national and international cooperation with relevant institutions in the field of empirical research and research projects.

7. Other tasks and activities assigned by the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad.

The Centre coordinator is Dr. Aleksandar Tomašević.

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