Centre for Historical Research

The Centre for Historical Research was established on 20 February 2015, by the decision of the Council of the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, at the proposal by the Department of History.

As an organizational unit of the Department of History, the core activity of the Centre is the development and advancement of research in the field of history - archeology, classical sciences, medieval studies and history of the modern period, as well as development of regional cooperation and interdisciplinary research in all fields, involving young researchers in research of history and promotion of historical science. Assistant Professor Dr. Svetozar Boskov was appointed as the first director of the Centre.

During the first three years of its existence, the Centre participated in a short-term Provincial project entitled the Development of educational and teaching aids for the advancement of history teaching in primary and secondary schools, participated in three Science and Education festivals organised by the University of Novi Sad, organised a series of study tours in the country and abroad in cooperation with the Department of History, developed the educational and didactic boardgame for children Arena of civilizations, and actively participated in all promotions of the Faculty of Philosophy.

Currently, the Centre is focused on starting publishing in order to promote history as a science.

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