A Visit by the Portuguese Ambassador


On 11 April 2024, the Faculty of Philosophy had the opportunity to host H.E. José Velez Caroço, the new ambassador of Portugal for the first time. The Ambassador, together with his deputy, Mr. João Melo Alvim, and the culture program assistant, Ms. Maja Španjević Kešelj, met with the dean, Prof. Dr. Ivana Živačević-Sekeruš, and the Vice Dean for International Cooperation, Prof. Dr. Zoran Paunović, and representatives of the International Relations Office. The meeting was an opportunity to discusse further cooperation with the Embassy, the Camões Institute and Portuguese universities, Portuguese language classes for students and general public, as well as various cultural events that are planned for the current year. Portuguese has been taught at the Faculty of Philosophy for 14 years; furthermore, in 2017, as part of the cooperation with the Embassy, the Portuguese Language Centre was established within the Faculty. The Centre is managed by the current Portuguese language instructor, Mr. Joel Alves.


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