Within the framework of the Erasmus+ project LITPRAX: Literature in Praxis: Professional challenges of reading, translating and editing in the digital age - coordinated by the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) with the University of Novi Sad (Serbia), the University of the West of Timișoara (Romania), the Spanish National Research Council (Spain) and the publishing house MALINC (Slovenia) - the first LITPRAX Workshop was held between March 21st and 23rd at the University of Novi Sad, in a hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual).

Exactly 111 attendees from 28 universities from 15 countries enrolled in the workshop, of which 21 participated in person (5 from Slovenia, 6 from Romania and 10 from Serbia) and 25 virtually. During these three days, the students attended presentations such as "Literature Today", "The literary canon" or "Self-fiction: fiction without fiction". They also participated in the following workshops "Who is who in the literary field", "007 does not eat tamales: current crime fiction in Cuba and Nicaragua", "How to translate a text and how to become a translator", "Obscene words in literary translation”, and in a workshop devoted to translating into different languages, reading and analyzing a short-story. They enjoyed a meeting with the Latin American writers Andrea Jeftanovic and Santiago Roncagliolo, as well as a round table with Serbian, Romanian and Slovenian translators. The complete program is available here:

Online attendees actively participated through chat and other digital tools. According to the assessment carried out immediately after the event, the participants were very satisfied with the activities, which they found educational, practical and interesting. In their answers, they highlighted that the lectures and workshops were given by excellent specialists, that the organization showed a very high level and that the atmosphere was pleasant, since it was presided over by a feeling of unity, quality and professionalism.

After the first LITPRAX Workshop, on March 24th, the Consortium held the first LITPRAX Multiplier Event at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad. Its aim was to disseminate the results of the first part of the project. The event was attended by 45 people in person (37 external to the consortium) and 83 people online (most of them external to the consortium). In this multiplier event, the coordinators presented the main idea of ​​the project, the work that is being done to create the program of an interuniversity subject, the first part of the handbook and the activity book that will accompany it, a database, and finally, the project website.

The project partners are already working on the development of new results and preparing the Second LITPRAX Workshop, which will take place in Timișoara in October 2023. Its structure will be similar to the first one, but in this case a special interest will be placed in poetry as a case study.

In Novi Sad, on 27th March 2023


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