Personal Data Processing for Students


Pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 87/2018), and related to with the collection of personal data during candidate admission for enrollment in Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral studies, during the enrollment of the study year, during the studies and the completion of studies, as a data manager, I hereby give the following notice regarding the processing of personal data:

1) Data manager information:
Legal entity: University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy
Address: Dr Zorana Đinđića 2, NOVI SAD, SERBIA;
Registration number: 08067074
Legal representative: Prof. Dr. Ivana Živancevic Sekeruš, Dean of the Faculty.

2) Purpose of data collection and processing
The purpose of processing the data used by the higher education institution for keeping records is to monitor and improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the work of the higher education institution, to improve the educational level of students in the education process, to exercise the right to enroll in the study year, to organise examination periods and open calls, to process statistical data, and to obtain the right to issue a public document.

The collection of personal data processed by the Faculty is recorded in the Faculty database.

3) On using the data
The Faculty collects personal data directly from the data subject and processes the subject data on the basis of their written consent.

4) Data in student records
The following information is collected in order to determine the student's identity: name, surname, name of one parent, gender, unique identification number, passport number and issuer for foreign nationals, date of birth, place of birth, state and address of permanent residence, address of residence during the studies, nationality in accordance with law, marital status, citizenship, address, contact telephone, photo and other information in accordance with the Law on Higher Education.

To determine the educational status of students, data are collected on previous education, the language of primary and secondary education, enrolled study programme, the type of the studies, the year of the studies and year of enrollment in the study programme, the data on ECTS credits, the data on awards and commendations won during the studies, and the data on issued public documents.

To determine the student's social status, information is collected about the way the studies are financed, the mode of subsistence during the studies, the address of residence during the studies, the type of accommodation during the studies, dependants, the educational attainment of both parents, the working status of a parent (legal guardian) and the occupation of the parents or the legal guardian.

4) Personal data processors
Personal data are processed by the employees of the Student Affairs Office: Željka Nestorović Tokoš, Mirjana Ćeran, Jelena Nikić, Zorka Kovačević, Marko Kačavenda, Ljiljana Popov, Branislav Smuk and Gordana Bursać.

5) Legal basis for data collection and processing
The legal basis for collecting and processing personal data is the written consent of the data subject, which is given when applying for admission or enrolling in the next year of study.

6) Revocation of consent for data processing and legal consequences of revocation
Any person whose personal data is processed by the Faculty is entitled to revoke the previously given consent for processing in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.

7) Rights belonging to the person in case of unauthorized processing
In the case of unauthorized data processing, the person shall be entitled to all rights under the Law on Protection of Personal Data, the enforcement of which is supervised by the Commissioner for access to information of public importance and protection of personal data.

Prof. Dr. Ivana Živančević Sekeruš, Dean

Statement of Consent (pdf)

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