Special Lecture by H.E. Mr. Hyong-chan Choe, the Ambassador of Korea


H.E. Mr. Hyong-chan Choe, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Serbia, gave a special lecture to the students of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Novi Sad, with the title "Understanding Korea: Past and Present".

This lecture, which was held online, was attended by about 60 people, predominantly students of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad and the King Sejong Institute.

The Ambassador presented an overview of the history of the Republic of Korea as well as its economic development, which led to the transformation of its international status from a recipient country to a donor country. He also presented the Korean wave – K-Move, or Hallyu, the security environment around the Korean Peninsula and bilateral relations between Korea and Serbia.

The students showed great interest in various aspects of Korea presented during the lecture. After the lecture, students were able to ask numerous questions, including the reason why the two Koreas use different names of countries, the situation of refugees from North Korea and their integration into Korean society, the reason for not using regional dialects in public broadcasting and the possibility of resolving inter-Korean issues bilaterally.


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