Her Excellency, Ms. Silvia Davidoiu, visited the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Novi Sad on 16 November 2021 and presented a donation for the Faculty to the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Ivana Živančević-Sekeruš. The donation comprises the following equipment: 4 computers, a multifunction printer and a video projector, with the total value of nearly 5,000 EUR. The donation was provided with the support of the University of Transylvania in Brasov.

The Ambassador expressed her satisfaction that her first official visit to the faculties in Serbia was a visit to the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Novi Sad. She believes that this visit is very important because of future cooperation with the management of the Faculty and the Department of Romanian Studies and future projects related to book promotion, translation of contemporary Romanian and Serbian literature into Serbian and Romanian, respectively, but also for publishing books for students of Romanian as a foreign language. Possible future projects also include exhibitions of paintings and screenings of Romanian films.

As her special mission, Ambassador Davidoiu pointed out: "To bring the two peoples and put emphasis on cultural diplomacy."

Prof. Dr. Ivana Živančević-Sekeruš. said that she was looking forward to the continuation of good cooperation that the Faculty had already established with the Romanian Embassy and its advancement, especially in the field of mobility of students and teaching staff, but also in the field of science and culture. She expressed gratitude for the donation and invited the members of the Department of Romanian Studies, since they are the most knowledgeable in the matter, to express their ideas on how the cooperation could be expanded.

 Dr. Ivana Ivanić, Head of the Department of Romanian Studies, greeted the Ambassador and presented the Ambassador with a Romanian-Serbian Dictionary of Verbs, the first of its kind in Southeast Europe, published by the Faculty. The ambassador was also addressed by Prof. Dr. Laura Spariosu, Prof. Dr. Virginia Popović, and Dr. Daniel Sorin Vintila.

Photos: Isidora Gordić Fisković


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