Procedures for the mobility within the Erasmus+ KA1 at the Faculty of Philosophy, UNS

§ The mobility call

Our University and Faculty have the mobility call template that we use for all the Erasmus+ KA1 partnerships. The call is published at the websites of the University and Faculty. Each call states the following:

  • subject area of mobility
  • target group (staff or student and the level of studies)
  • deadline for sending the application
  • required documentation (such as application form, CV – Europass model recommended, motivation letter, ToR, copy of the degree, (invitation letter), language certificate – according to CEFR, and the LA/Mobility plan draft, if it is not agreed differently with the partner)
  • duration of the mobility (in days/months/semesters)
  • information about the grant
  • the email address for application submission

§  Selection of applicants - outgoing

After the reception of applications, our committee (institutional, academic and administrative coordinators for E+) do the evaluation, which is documented in the evaluation sheets.

After the evaluation is done, we send to the partner university the list of nominees with the documents. The partner university confirms the selection of the candidates, and we ask the partner university to send the selected candidates further information and details about their stay.

§  Selection of applicants - incoming

The partner university should nominate candidates for the mobility to our institution. After nomination, the final decision lies with our institution. We expect that the selection criteria and the deadlines listed in the IIA be respected.

Nominations should be done by sending the nominations and application documents our Faculty’s email (

§ Finances

The monthly allowances, including the travel lump sum, for the outgoing are paid by the University of Novi Sad, and for the incoming mobilities, the partner university. Insurance is not provided; this is the responsibility of the grantees themselves.

The University of Novi Sad and the Faculty of Philosophy respect the principles of transparency, equal treatment and fairness.


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