Student Affairs Office - contacts

Window service hours: 11:00 - 13:00.

Officer Mirjana Ćeran
phone:+381 (0)21 / 485-3971

Email: and
Programmes: Psychology, Comparative Literature with Literary Theory, Romanian Language and Literature, Ruthenian Language and Literature, Slovak Language and Literature, Serbian Literature and Language and Exchange Students

Officer Zorka Kovačević
phone: +381 (0)21 / 485-3972

Email: and
Programmes: English Language and Literature, Journalism, Communicology, Communicology and Public Relations

Officer Branislav Smuk
phone: +381 (0)21 / 485-3973

Email: and
Programmes: English Language and Literature with another Foreign Philology, Pedagogy, Serbian Philology: Serbian Language and Literature, Serbian Language in Contact with Slovak / Hungarian Philology, Serbian Philology: Serbian as a Foreign Language, Hungarian Language and Literature, Leadership in Education

Officer Gordana Bursac
phone: +381 (0)21 / 485-3975 and
Programmes: History, French Language and Literature with another Romance Language and Culture, German Language and Literature, Conference, Specialized and Audiovisual Interpreting, Culturology

Officer Dejana Trifković
phone: +381 (0)21 / 485-3970

Email: and
Programmes: Russian language and literature, Philosophy, Sociology, Social work, Sociology in social protection, Italian Language, Literature and Culture, Spanish Language, Literature and Culture

Officer Jelena Nikić
phone: +381 (0)21 / 485-3974

Doctoral Studies
phone: +381 (0)21 / 485-3974

Issuance of certificates and diplomas for all study programmes: Ljiljana Popov
phone: +381 (0)21 / 485-3975


Office Coordinator: Željka Nestorović-Tokoš
phone: +381 (0)21 / 485-3976

telephone: +381 (0)21 / 450-628


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