Czech Centre Establishment Agreement


On 10 May 2022, a cooperation agreement was signed between the JCMM (South Moravian Centre for International Mobility) and the Faculty of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy. The agreement stipulates the establishment of the Czech Centre as part of the Faculty Centre for Languages. The Czech Centre will ogranize the classes of the Czech language and culture for students of all the faculties of the University of Novi Sad.

The agreement was signed on the initiative of the JCMM, with the support of the Masaryk University and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Belgrade.

The participants were addressed by HE Tomaš Kuchta, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Serbia, Mr. Zsolt Szakallas, Deputy Prime Minister of the Provincial Government and Provincial Secretary for Education, Regulations, Administration and National Minorities - National Communities, Prof. Dr. Ivan Mali from the Masaryk University, Prof. Dr. Sabina Halupka Rešetar, Vice-Rector for International Relations of the University of Novi Sad, Mr. Miloš Sifalda, JCMM Director, and Prof. Dr. Ivana Živančević Sekeruš, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, as the host.

The speakers emphasized the importance of establishing such a centre, not only for culture, but also for the economy. The importance of protection and preservation of the rights of national minorities and national communities in Vojvodina was also pointed out, as well as the rich language diversity at the Faculty of Philosophy.

In addition to the representatives of  theJCMM and Masaryk University, the Czech delegation also included five representatives of the South Moravian Regional Government.

After the signing ceremony, the guests visited a small exhibition of books in Czech and translations of Czech authors prepared by the Library of the Faculty of Philosophy. The library is to receive a donation of books in Czech in September, when the Czech centre officially opens. 

Photo: Isidora Gordić Fisković


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