Faculty of Philosophy Library - official e-mails for student support


Dear Students,

If you need our librarians' assistance with searching the database, finding the literature or addidional information, you may contact us by e-mail. We kindly ask you to regularly check the Faculty's website, the contents of our Digital libary and the information we post on the Facebook pages of the Faculty and the Library.

Nataša Belić, Head of the Library - biblioteka@ff.uns.ac.rs
(Faculty of Philosophy Library)
Ljiljana Matić - ljiljam@ff.uns.ac.rs
(English Studies, English Language and Literature with another Foreign Philology)
Miloš Perović - milos@ff.uns.ac.rs
(Philosophy, Sociology)
Blažan Stjepanović - blazan@ff.uns.ac.rs
(German Studies, English Language and Literature with another Foreign Philology)
Čila Balažbalazscsilla1974@gmail.com
(Hungarian Studies)
Sava Živanović - zivanovs@ff.uns.ac.rs
Dejana Burzan - dejanab@ff.uns.ac.rs
(Literarure, Serbian and Comparative)
Milica Bracić - milicab@ff.uns.ac.rs
(Media Studies)
Snežana Ritter - ritter@ff.uns.ac.rs
Biljana Lorbek - biljanal@ff.uns.ac.rs
Ilija Čanak - ilija.canak@ff.uns.ac.rs
(Romance Studies, French Language and Literature with another Romance Language)
Anda Almažan - anda@ff.uns.ac.rs
(Romanian Studies, Slovak Studies)
Nada Usanović Ašonja - nadau@ff.uns.ac.rs
(Slavic Studies, Ruthenian Studies)
Nataša Belić - biblioteka@ff.uns.ac.rs
(Serbian Language and Literature, Serbian Philology in Contact with Hungarian/Slovak Philology)
Violeta Rakić - violeta@ff.uns.ac.rs
(Social Work)
Igor Lekić, digitalisation associate - igor.lekic@ff.uns.ac.rs


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