About the Department of Serbian Literature

Serbian Literature and South Slavic Literatures have been disciplines of study at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad ever since it was founded in 1954. Despite several name changes, the Department has retained its primary goal of educating future teachers of Serbian (formerly Serbo-Croatian) Language and Literature. In addition to offering courses in the history of Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and Macedonian Literatures, obligatory courses are also held which include the study of world literature and literary theory, the methodology of literary study, and vocational courses.  

Over the past few decades, the Department has been the leader of several important academic projects. Many academic papers, monographs, doctoral and master's theses have arisen from research within these projects. In addition to a Bachelor's degree programme, the Department also offers a Master's degree programme.

The Department of Serbian Literature annually accepts applications for 85 places in the Bachelor’s degree programme and for 30 places in the Master’s degree programme.

Contact Information

E-mail: srpskaknj@ff.uns.ac.rs
Tel: 021/485-3917


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