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Serbian Young Professionals in Austria – Zoran Đinđić - Internship Programme

Experiencing Europe

Serbian Young Professionals in Austria – Zoran Djindjic
Internship Programme

The deadline for submitting an application is May 31, 2009.

General information
Experiencing Europe: Serbian Young Professionals in Austria – Zoran Djindjic - Internship Programme - aims at giving up to 50 excellent students and young professionals from Serbia the possibility of gaining three months of valuable work experience in Austrian companies and public institutions.

The programme targets final-year university students and qualified young professionals.

Through attending the internships, the participants are offered new perspectives for their career by establishing contacts with relevant companies and gaining initial work experiences.

The programme's main objectives are to strengthen linkages between higher education and employment, to enhance the cooperation between Austria and Serbia, and to increase the awareness about the potential of South Eastern Europe being an integrative part of a joint Europe.

Furthermore, it stimulates the knowledge transfer between Austria/the European Union and Serbia.

/Experiencing Europe /is a cooperation between the Zoran Djindjic Fund and the Austrian Development Cooperation and is implemented by WUS Austria.

The programme consists of a tailor-made educational module and an internship module in Austrian companies and institutions.

In September 2009, the selected participants will attend intensive courses on German language and classes on European integration in Belgrade.

Following this preparatory programme, they will start their three month-internships in Austrian companies and public institutions.

The exact beginning of the internships depends on the company's or institution's needs: either from September 21 to December 18, 2009 or from January 18 to April 16, 2010.

The Austrian Development Cooperation and the Zoran Djindjic Fund cover the costs of travel, visa and accommodation for the participants; additionally, the participants will receive monthly scholarships.

The participants in /Experiencing Europe: Serbian Young Professionals in Austria – Zoran //Djindjic//////// //Internship Programme /need to be excellent final year students or young graduates.

People of all fields of studies are invited to apply for the internships.

- The eligibility criteria are the following:
- The applicants are citizens of the Republic of Serbia and have mainly pursued their studies in Serbia
- The applicants are final-year students and/or qualified young graduates of public universities and professionals who are interested in gaining working experience in Austria
- The applicants must not be older than 31 years. For women with children, additional two years per child are added to the maximum age.
- The applicants are fluent in English. Additional languages – preferably German – are an asset.
- The pre-selection based on the submitted applications will be made by representatives of the Zoran Djindjic Fund, the Austrian Development Agency,

the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and WUS Austria based on the following criteria:
- Personal motivation, leadership potential, creativity, zeal for quality work and commitment according to the motivation letter and the CV
- Extracurricular activities (work experience, additional trainings and courses)
- Language skills (proficiency in English as well as knowledge of German and other languages)
- Academic performance (grades, awards, scholarships)

After the pre-selection, the remaining candidates are invited to interviews with a selection panel, where a pool of applicants will be finally selected for the matching with companies interested in providing internships. Until the end of July, the companies/institutions will select up to 50 applicants for the internships.

How to apply
A complete application consists of the following documents:
- Filled in application form
- Motivation letter (2 pages)
- In case you are a student: Confirmation of studies and a copy of your index (first page and last enrolled semester)
- In case you are a young professional: Copy of your diploma and confirmation of employment (if applicable)

Please note:
The deadline for submitting an application is May 31, 2009. Delayed candidatures will not be considered.

Please fill in the application form in English . The motivation letter must be composed in English.
Female candidates are strongly encouraged to participate in this programme.

We ask you to submit your application preferably electronically or by fax or mail to:

WUS Austria Belgrade Office
Deligradska 22
11000 Belgrade
phone: 011 361 96 80 or 361 96 23, fax: 011 265 63 18

experiencing-europe at wus-austria.org

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