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Congress COSEP - Congress of Students of environment protection of South Eastern Europe

The SECOND Congress of Students of Environmental Protection of South Eastern Europe COSEP will be held from April 01-05, 2009, on Kopaonik Mountain, Republic of Serbia.

COSEP is organised by the Faculty of Occupational Safety in Niš.

Call For Abstracts (pdf: 1MB)

The most important aims of COSEP are the following:
- To motivate students' scientific research and help develop young scientists,
- To promote the European system of values in the social development of the SE-European countries,
- To promote friendly relations between countries of the SE Europe,
- To improve cooperation of universities and faculties in SE Europe within a unique European educational space in the Bologna process,
- To exchange information about the condition, problems, and solutions for the improvement of environmental quality in SE Europe,
- To promote good practice of SE-European countries regarding environmental protection,
- To disseminate knowledge about EU environmental regulation and legislation,
- To promote action networking in solving problems of environmental quality and protection,
- To strengthen relations and communication among the youth and students in order to incite the overall development of SE-European countries and the whole region,
- To enhance the capacity of student research organisations.

The main COSEP fields of interest are the following:
- Environmental Risk Management
- Environmental Information Technology
- International Standards for Environmental Management Systems
- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
- Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)
- Technological Processes and the Environment
- Air Quality Management
- Water Resources Management
- Sustainable Land Use
- Agriculture and the Environment
- Sustainable Local Development
- Environmental Monitoring
- Energy and the Environment
- Traffic and the Environment
- Ecotoxicology
- Environmental Noise
- Biodiversity and Nature Protection
- Occupational Safety and the Environment
- Fire Management and the Environment
- Communal-municipal system and the Environment
- Emergency Management and the Environment
- Waste Management
- Environmental Economy and Insurance
- Environmental Law
- Environmental Policy
- Environmental Education and Training
- Environmental Project Management
- Environment, Information, Communication
- Environment and Health

Additional information you can find on www.cosep.info

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