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Predavanje Stevena Reichera sa Univerziteta St. Andrews iz Škotske


Pozivamo vas na izvanredno predavanje jednog od najvećih socijalnih psihologa u svetu danas, Stevena Reichera sa Univerziteta St. Andrews iz Škotske koji će biti gost našeg Fakulteta od 7. do 10.10.2016.

Predavanje će biti održano u ponedeljak 10.10. od 10 do 11.30 sati u Kino Sali fakulteta,  a tema je "From blind obedience to engaged followership: Understanding the inhumanity of humanity".

Kratak abstrakt predavanja:

"Possibly the best known studies in the history of psychology are Milgram's 'Obedience to Authority' experiments. Combined with Hannah Arendt's analysis of Adolf Eichmann, these have framed our understanding of human atrocities for the last half century. The argument is that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary cruelty because of 'thoughtlessness' - a tendency to concentrate on their obligations to authority and to ignore the plight of their victims. I shall critique this view using both historical and psychological evidence. I will also present a range of evidence to support an alternative view based on the notion that people actively identify with authority and enact its instructions in the full knowledge of what they are doing. People obey toxic authorities not because they are unaware of doing wrong but because they believe they are doing right."




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