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RRPP - Call for regional research projects 2014-2016

The RRPP Management, hosted at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland,  is launching a Call for regional research project proposals. The Call is  open to institutions and researchers from the Western Balkans. The  official application form must be used to submit research proposals by  the deadline of 31 March 2014.

Selection time frame:
31 March 2014: Deadline to submit research proposals 
May 2014: Final decision of the Steering Board 
June 2014: Contracting and final negotiations 
July 2014: Start of approved research projects

All relevant documents and more information on this call you may find  at

If you have any additional questions or require further clarification please contact us via e-mails:

RRPP Application Form
RRPP Guidelines Research Project 2014-16
BU RRPP Research Grant Template


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