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“Leadership Skills of Young Researchers as Drivers for Innovation in Higher Education”

Summer School in Transylvania

The Santander Group Secretariat, in collaboration with its members: the Babes-Bolyai University, the University of Trieste and the University of Poznan, will be holding a Summer School in Transylvania, 27 August to 1 September 2012. In this regards we are particularly pleased to extend an invitation to the PhD candidates from the Balkan region involved in the Basileus project. 

Located in the mountains, the summer school in Cluj-Napoca, Romania offers a different way of learning for the PhD candidates. The summer school, entitled “ Leadership Skills of Young Researchers as Drivers for Innovation in Higher Education” will focus on fostering academic entrepreneurship, building creative and innovative environment in the academic community, leading research teams, identification of leadership styles and improving communication in an international context.

The summer school is open to PhD students from 13 CEI countries as well as to the Santander Group members. Deadline is  10.07.2012. The list of partner institutions is presented on the SG website. This event is funded by CEI UniNet, an organisation active in the promotion of joint programmes and mobility activities in higher education within the Central European and Balkan region.

For more detailed information about conditions and logistics of this event and the electronic application form, please click on http://www.sgroup.be/news/270/balkan-summer-school-2012-in-transilvania.html

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