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MA course in Cognitive and Corpus Linguistics, Fall 2010, Tromso, Norway

Cognitive and Corpus Linguistics: Invitation to HIF 3030, an MA-Level course taught in Fall 2010 at the University of Tromsø

See our website: http://hum.uit.no/lajanda/MAclasses/Cognitve&CorpusLx.html

Students from all countries are encouraged to register.

There are no prerequisites, no language requirements, and no tuition costs.

Course Description: This state-of-the-art course will engage you in the major concepts of Cognitive Linguistics through the works ofoutstanding linguists of the past three decades (Lakoff, Langacker, Geeraerts, Talmy, Tuggy, etc.). At the same time you will be coached in basic techniques for collecting and analyzing authentic language data using digital corpora and accessible statistical software. You will select you own original research project on the language and phenomenon of your choice, which you will carry out under the guidance of a team of linguists. This course gives you hands-on experience in developing publishable results while working directly with leading experts in the field.

Location: The intellectual experience of a semester in Tromsø is complemented by the exotic beauty of the location, surrounded by spectacular mountains and sea. Tromsø, also know as the ‘Paris of the North’, is renowned as the best place to view the Aurora Borealis.

Other Courses Available: Concurrently with Cognitive and Corpus Linguistics (HIF 3030), students are welcome to choose among a wide range of courses offered in English at the University of Tromsø in topics including Indigenous Studies, Formal Linguistics, Anthropology, History, and various languages.

Funding: The University of Tromsø charges no tuition fees. The only costs associated with this opportunity are travel and living expenses. Students from EU countries may be eligible for Erasmus funding and students from the circumpolar region (Northern Russia, Alaska, Finland, Sweden, Greenland) may be eligible for North-to-North funding.

Deadlines and how to register: The deadline for registering is May 1, 2010. You can find information on how to register at this link:
Additional information is available on our website in the document ‘Information for International Students’.

Instructors in the course/Members of our research group:
Laura A. Janda, Tore Nesset, Olga Lyashevskaya, Svetlana Sokolova, Julia Kuznetsova


University of Tromsø, Norway

Dear Student,

Congratulations to your nomination as an exchange student to the University of Tromsø. We are always happy to host international students in Tromso and are looking forward to receive your application. Please find more information about our application procedures, contact persons and housing below.


We have a special webpage for prospective students where you can find all necessary information about our application procedures and English study programmes. Have a look at

On this webpage you can also download the
Application form
http://www2.uit.no/ikbViewer/Content/92961/Exchange%20Student%20Application%20Form%20INN%2020092010.doc and
Learning Agreement
http://www2.uit.no/ikbViewer/Content/92962/Learning%20Agreement%20INN%20092010.doc under the link ‘Exchange student’.

Both documents should be signed by your exchange coordinator at home and sent directly to our office together with your Transcript of records (in English). Please send the documents to: University of Tromso, Department of Academic Affairs, NO-9037 Tromso, Norway.

The application deadlines for admission are:
* 1 May for the autumn semester
* 1 October for the spring semester.


For information about courses offered at the University of Tromsø, please visit our web page at

The course list for the spring term will be published only in April.

When selecting your courses, please pay attention to the course unit code: Each course unit has a course code (e.g. GEO - 3104). The letters of the code is an abbreviation for the (Norwegian) name of the academic subject (GEO = Geologi (Geology)). The numbers of the code refer to the academic level of the course. 0000 courses are at an introductory level, 1000 courses at a basic level (Bachelor's degree), 2000 courses at an intermediate level (Bachelor's degree), 3000 courses at an advanced level (Master's degree) and 8000 courses at PhD level.


International coordinators at the individual faculties can help you with your study programme in Tromso and your Learning Agreement. Contact details of all international faculty coordinators
http://www2.uit.no/www/inenglish/currentstudents/academiclife/toppsubartikkel?p_document_id=93365 can be found also on the UiT webpage.


The Student Welfare Organisation
<http://www.sito.uit.no/English/Housing/tabid/468/Default.aspx> offers housing for Norwegian and international students. International students are given priority when student units are distributed. You apply for housing through an online application system called BOLIGTORGET <http://www.boligtorget.no/sito/english/> .

The application deadlines for housing are:

* 1 June for the autumn semester
* 1 December for the spring semester.

Please see our webpage for GUIDELINES: How to apply for housing

Due to the large number of students arriving each semester, the Student Welfare Organisation cannot guarantee to meet all wishes regarding students¹ choices of hostel. However, the Organisation will do its best to take your chosen priorities into account. Since SWO reserves and guarantees a room from 1 August all Norwegian as well as international students pay rent for the whole month even if they arrive only in the course of the month. Please note that you will know exactly where you have been assigned a room only upon your arrival in Tromsø.

The contact person at the SWO Housing Department is:
Irene Kvello: irene.kvello@adm.uit.no or
fax + 47 77 64 90 38


The academic year in Tromsø
http://www2.uit.no/www/inenglish/prospectivestudents/studyintromso/toppsubartikkel?p_document_id=71058 starts early:

Autumn semester 2010: 10th of August -17th of December 2010
Spring semester 2011: 5th of January-17th of June 2011


An Introductory programme for new international students is arranged at the beginning of each semester. During the programme, a lot of information vital to your life and studies in Tromsø will be given. We therefore strongly recommend that you attend the programme.

Autumn semester 2010: Arrival Days: 2-3 August
Introductory Program: 4-9 August

PROOF OF FUNDING for students outside EU/EEA/EFTA

In order to apply for a student residence permit students from outside EU/EEA have to document funding of their studies. According to the rules set by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration http://www.udi.no/templates/Tema.aspx?id=7415 (UDI) admitted students from outside EU/EEA must document that they have at least * NOK 43 800 per semester (approximately US$ 7500 / 5200 Euro) at his/her disposal in a Norwegian bank account in order to be issued a student residence permit. The money guarantees, that the student is able to cover accommodation and other living costs while in Norway. You hand in a documentation of financing together with a signed Student Contract which you receive attached to your Letter of Admission.

The Student Welfare Organisation
(SWO) at the University of Tromsø has set up a bank account for foreign students where individual students may deposit the required amount of money in his/her name. More information about the procedure can be downloaded here
The required amount of money has to be transferred to the deposit bank account prior to applying for a visa.


Useful information concerning cost of living, language courses etc. are mentioned on our webpage General information
http://www2.uit.no/www/inenglish/prospectivestudents/generalinfo .
If you feel like checking the weather in Tromso, you can have a look at http://weather.cs.uit.no/
Information about the city itself is available on http://www.visittromso.no/

For some info about student life: http://www.studentitromso.no/english/

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes from the University of Tromso

International Office
Mali A. Arnstad
Exchange Coordinator
Tel: +47 776 45 828
Fax: +47 776 23 210

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