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Predavanje: Realism and Regimes of Truth in Jonathan Franzen's Purity

U okviru CEEPUS mreže Inter-American Studies, gostujući predavač Laslo Šari, sa Univerziteta u Pečuju u svečanoj sali 114/I, 26. aprila u 12 časova održaće predavanje pod nazivom Realism and Regimes of Truth in Jonathan Franzen's Purity. Predavanje će biti na engleskom jeziku.

O predavanju: Realism and Regimes of Truth in Jonathan Franzen's Purity

Franzen's latest novel to date is preoccupied by different regimes for the production of truth, most notable investigative journalism as practiced in the US and leaking information of the web for strategic, political or financial purposes. His Purity, the third in a succession of realist pieces of fiction after his turn away from complicated, postmodern poetics (announced in his essay "Mr. Difficult"), juxtaposes intricate narrative patterns to a quest for historical origins and metaphysical concepts (of Purity and purity, respectively). I will argue that Franzen's project in Purity is not only ill-conceived because of its reproduction of false binaries and his hardly concealed hostility towards recent developments in politics and the media, but is part of a conservative backlash relying on a postmodern sense of irony.



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