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Department of Serbian Language and Linguistics

The Department of Serbian Language and Linguistics includes divisions for Serbian Language and Serbian as a Second Language and offers degree programmes in the areas of Serbian Philology: Serbian Language and Literature and Serbian Philology in Contact with Hungarian/Slovak Philology. In addition to the Bachelor’s degree programme, the Department also organises a Master’s degree programme in Serbian Philology: Serbian Language and Linguistics. At the beginning of the 2002/2003 academic year the Department founded the Centre for Serbian as a Foreign Language, which allows foreign students to study the Serbian language, culture, history, geography, and the Serbian social and economic structure.

Apart from teaching, the Department organises and publishes academic research in the field of Serbian Language and Linguistics. The Department coordinates two projects sponsored by the Serbian Ministry of Science and Technological Development, The History of the Serbian Language and Standard Serbian Language, and which are highly ranked by the Serbian Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection. Since 1965, the Department has published an internationally recognized linguistic journal called Contributions to Language Study, which is comprised of research done by talented students and junior assistant lecturers. In 2002, the series Linguistic Notebooks was launched within which five books have been published to date.

The Department was able to continue the work that the Institute for South Slavic Languages had performed from 1976 to 1993 as part of the Faculty of Philosophy before its reorganization. The Institute was the result of a unification between the Department of South Slavic Languages and the Institute of Linguistics. 

Every year, the Department of Serbian Language and Linguistics accepts applications for 83 places in the Bachelor’s degree programme and 60 places in the Master’s degree programme.


academician Milorad Radovanović
Dr Jasmina Grković-Major, professor
Dr Svenka Savić, professor emeritus
Dr Ivana Antonić, professor
Dr Nada Arsenijević, professor
Dr Žarko Bošnjaković, professor
Dr Vladislava Ružić, professor
Dr Nataša Dragin, associate professor
Dr Dušanka Zvekić-Dušanović, associate professor
Dr Slobodan Pavlović, associate professor
Dr Gordana Štasni, associate professor
Dr Milan Ajdžanović, assistant professor
Dr Jelena Ajdžanović, assistant professor
Dr Milivoj Alanović, assistant professor
Dr Isidora Bjelaković, assistant professor
Dr Dušanka Vujović, assistant professor
Dr Gordana Dragin, assistant professor
Dr Jasmina Dražić, assistant professor
Dr Nataša Kiš, assistant professor
Dr Marina Kurešević, assistant professor
Dr Željko Marković, assistant professor
Dr Dejan Sredojević, assistant professor
Dr Gordana Štrbac, assistant professor
Dr Strahinja Stepanov, teaching assistant
mr Biljana Babić, teaching assistant
mr Jelena Redli, teaching assistant
mr Danka Urošević, teaching assistant
mr Nataša Belić, senior librarian

Contact Information
Head of Department: Dr Vladislava Ružić
Deputy Head of Department: Dr Slobodan Pavlović
Department Secretary: Ljiljana Ćuk
Department office: 328

E-mail: lingvist@ff.uns.ac.rs
Tel: 021/459-626, 485-3850
Fax: 021/459-275



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